"Who wrote this crap?" Paola asks. 

Eddie, left, and Rolo during a shoot. 

Cindy and Rolo watching outtakes of our series Dreamers. 

Politics in Photos  

Check out our gallery of photo politics below. It features some of our personal pictures, behind-the-scene production photos and naked pics of US politicians. (You'd like that, wouldn't you?) 

We also post headshots of some of the characters making news in the wacky world of American politics, you know... people we like, admire, agree with or simply get annoyed and/or amused by.

Please thumb thru our gallery and feel free to send us suggestions of politicians or newsmakers we should include in it. 

And if you want to send us your own political photos, whatever that may be, send them along -just make sure they're PG. We'll post them. 

Enjoy the tour and please tell your friends and lovers. Gracias! 

One more thing... get involved! 

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