by: Cook E. Morgan

Who would have thought healthcare was so complicated? Just about every U.S. President since Harry Truman. That's who.  

Add to the list our 45th one and the Senate's head honcho, the notorious old Kentuckian fart and tortoise enthusiast Mitch McConnell. They both learn the perils of attempting to screw people up when cameras are on and an anxious nation is watching.

It took one progressive President 80 years to pass healthcare reform. It took a conservative political party 7 to try and fail to scrap it and replace it with a new plan, a better plan, something. Anything! 

As we all watched on TV another old fart, this one from Arizona, maverick John McCain shoot a historic thumbs down, the Republican attempt to snatch health insurance away from millions of Americans was DOA.

Back in Penn Avenue, the orange man who "wrote" The Art of the Deal was dealing no more that night. His unbelievable ignorance did him in. His overrated demagoguery failed him. His artistic deal-making abilities were no match to the task at hand. I can go on.

In the end, the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare became an awesome thunderclap in the annals of progressive v. conservative politics in the USA. 

I can very easily remind you of the many times he and his fellow Republicans uttered the words "repeal and replaced" but I won't. No need to rub it in.

What I will tell you, though, is that what just happened with healthcare is an indication that we as a nation, are beginning to grapple with the noble idea of heathcare as a human right. We are beginning to see it as a notion that ought to be writen into our glorious constitution. Not health insurance, healthcare, the government's duty to provide it to the people, just like safety, infrastructure and education -the latter, incidentally, not in the document.

As democrats, republicans, libertarians, socialists and independents figure out ways to provide healthcare in XXI century America, we will need excellent negotiators, fantastic deal makers, brilliant men and women who can elevate the act of cutting a deal to an art form.

Charlatans need not apply.   



by: Lou Cho-Blank

It's a big deal. Pretty messed up. Never seen before in US History. It can end up taking this guy down and thus correcting the historical aberration his election became. 

So far it's a two-prong investigation. One is how did Russia fuck with our election, and the other, did people in the Trump campaign help them do it -you know, the "collusion" thing.   

The latest is that the guy leading the investigation, former FBI Director and Washington DC's fave uncle, Bob Mueller put together a freaking Grand Jury.

WTF is that, you ask.

A Grand Jury is a jury that is... well... grand. Big. Powerful. It's a secret jury of 12 to 26 people like you and me -we're not supposed to know exactly how many- that gets together privately in a Courthouse to hear evidence from a prosecutor and determine if it's bad enough to indict somebody. It can also subpoena documents and people who don't want to talk voluntarily to the prosecutor. 

The fact that Uncle Bob put together a Grand Jury means he's getting ready to kick some ass, legally speaking. In the next few weeks we may see indictments or hear about VIP witnesses spilling the beans under oath.

I'm talking about dumb Junior... his shy bro-in-law... the dapper guy who made all that money in Ukraine... German bankers who loaned so-called Russian dirty money to The Donald... the freaking "lock-her-up" chanting General... the right wing AG who met with the Russian ambassador so many times he learned how to say Collusion in Russian... even the VP better watch out and probably -if he dares come to the US- the super-duper British spy who investigated Trump's adventures in Putinland -including the infamous "golden shower" video the whole world is dying to see!

Whatever Mueller digs out, Trump's presidency is already soiled like a baby's diaper. It's impossible to accept nothing happened when so many people so close to Trump met so many times with so many Russians and so conveniently forgot to mention it when asked or when applying for government security clearance. 

Whoever says this is a "nothingburger" -an expression I don't use and greatly despise, don't ask me why- must read any Trump bio to learn about the shady ways he has done business thru the years. 

Once a conniving, unscrupulous wheeler dealer... always a... you know the rest.