Evey Franceschini Cinematographer, Producer, writer, painter, film buff, Tex-Mex food lover, Texan, California dreamer.

Ana Luisa Aceves Immigration legal assistant, social worker,  performing arts student, spokesperson, DJ, LA girl.

Cindy Godell Actress, singer, Boston Conservatory & U of Houston grad, Texan, world traveler, wine connoisseur. 

Salvador "Eddie" Chévez

I'm a first generation American born to Salvadoran parents \making me a minority among minorities. Not everyone's first choice, I probably got on the show because they couldn't find a Puerto Rican guy before the deadline. You can write to me at:


Roland "Rolo" Ruíz 

First generation Mexican-American, born to the hardest working /best cooking Mexican parents. I mow lawns by day under the blistering sun, and discuss politics by night by flickering candle light. When lawn work is sparse , I do TV and films. Love languages, travel & a well-rounded-taste-profile salsa. You can write to me at:


Paul Salazar, Jr. 

My goal in life is to be important enough to have a Middle School in the bad part of town named after me.  You can write to me at:


Bernardo "Berns" Cubria

Actor, writer, guacamole lover. Spent my first year in College working for Amnesty International in Monterrey, Mexico. But I gave up that stuff to pursue the noble profession of acting. I'm now based in NYC where I play all kinds of Latino stereotypes in plays, movies and TV.  You can write to me at:


We're not teachers. We're not experts. We're not even reporters. We're just political junkies making videos explaining and mocking American politics so you can understand it and not get f****d by it.

Our mission is to get you informed and excited about participating in our beloved Democracy.  

Allows to introduce ourselves. Nice meeting y'all! 

Paola Casanova

I'm a sassy, adventurous, ambitious and enterprising  Latina from L.A.  My world never stands still and my passion for music, dancing and fitness always keeps me ready for a fresh challenge. I love learning new ideas and meeting new people, especially those with something to say.  You can write to me at:


Brian Sutherin  Director, Director of Photography, acting & dialogue coach, chef, Southern rocker, made in the Carolinas. 

Lazaro Blanco  Post-Production editor,  Jazz & Afro-Cuban musician, poet, soccer lover, George Carlin fan, Miami boy.

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